AQS Charlotte Show: Modern Quilts

AQS issued a Modern Quilts challenge  and so there were many of this sort of quilt at the show in Charlotte. For those of you non-quilters, check out this link for a definition of what a modern quilt is. As any arty group does, quilters are always redefining themselves…

This is Modern Mirage by Lee Heinrich. I think the color here is a bit off – one photo has the background showing as pink and this one as blue. It was closer to white! I very much like the colors and the circular sort of stars pattern.

Modern Mirage

Orange Creamsicle was made by Renee Eudaley. Impossible to photograph in the convention lighting was the variety of machine quilting on this quilt. Many modern quilters rely on a straight stitch, but not this quilt! There’s a lot to admire.

Orange Creamsicle

Marina Kontsevaya made Warm or Cold? One of the typical colors associated with modern quilting is gray, and though I like gray, I am not fond of colors with gray added. This warm (it looks warm to me!) sort of kraft paper color appeals to me, as do the colors that look well with it. Many modern quilters use commercial fabrics in solid colors, and I notice that Marina, as well as a few others I chose, included some prints.

Warm or Cold?

Waterfall by Sandra Morgan Cockrum was actually in the bed quilt category. I would very much like to see this quilt on a bed – either a modern, floating platform bed or even an antique iron one would showcase this great design!


And here is my favorite – Graphic Garden by Kendra Biddle. The shape of it is so appealing and the bright pops of x’s or crosses with the many, many “almost whites” is great.

Graphic Garden

Here’s a detail that better shows all the light-colored fabrics. And I’d like you to get an idea of the variety of fabrics she used in her quilt! She notes in her interview (the link above) that amassing those neutrals was the hard part. I have some that I could have contributed!

Graphic Garden detail

There was another show sponsored by AQS and because they have a book about it, there was no photography allowed! I was sorry as there were several quilts that caught my eye. Each year AQS chooses a traditional quilt block – this year it was Carolina Lily – and quilters create a quilt with that pattern as the starting point. It is amazing to see what ideas they come up with. When I was a new quilter, I used to buy the books to give me ideas. Back in 1989, quilts were pretty traditional and I wanted to get some ideas about what might be possible.


Next up: People, mostly!



2 thoughts on “AQS Charlotte Show: Modern Quilts

  1. I agree, Graphic Garden does have a lot of interest, breaking out of the rectangle….I can see where some of these subtle colors are a big challenge to photograph, but then again, reminds us that artwork is so often different in person. I’m enjoying the quilt show tour – good idea presenting themes.


    • Thanks Ruth. I agree that seeing art in person makes such a difference. I had a big chat about this very thing with a woman who had a vendor booth and whose quilts I have seen in magazines but never in person. They were so much more wonderful than I realized!


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