AQS Charlotte Show: People

This is the last batch of photos from the Charlotte AQS show. I should have posted these sooner, but I have been diverted by outdoor projects and Summer fun….

People depicted in quilts can be masterfully done or look a bit alarming. It’s not something that I have ever tackled, but I admire those who can do it successfully! I think you will see why I chose these quilts to show you; they are quite amazing.

This quilt photographed so well and I think it’s because the colors she chose give it a poster-like quality. This is Ruby, made by Kay Donges. She certainly called to me to come in for a closer look. If you click on the picture, you will see some great details. Her earring and necklace are real!


Cherished Times, made by Carolyn Crump, looks like a wood cut. The warm complimentary colors are so pleasing, and the subtle textures of the fabrics make it interesting to come in for a closer look.

Cherished Times

This quilt is quite amazing and other than the prize winners, it always had the biggest crowds. It works well from a distance but it was so much fun to get close to it to see who was in each box. When I looked at this photograph, I thought my flash did something funny, but then I remembered – the hazy white area in the top right is tulle, to give the impression of a chandelier. Izabella Baikova created this amazing quilt called Theatre.


You must see some close-ups of the theatre boxes. Many of us wondered aloud about the significance of the members of the audience. I found information about Izabella, who is from St. Petersburg Russia, but nothing specifically about this quilt. The biggest theatre box is for the sheik and family; naturally!

Theatre: sheik

Is this the Beast, from Beauty and The? The yellow rose makes me think so. Is she going to come or has she run away in fear? This is one of the boxes that made me wonder if the quilter was depicting Broadway shows or Operas in each section…

Theatre: The Beast

And the nuns – are they allowed to do something as frivolous as attend a show??? Is Mother Superior wishing that she had said no to the nuns’ request for a night out? ;-D

Theatre: the Nuns

Given the popularity of anything dealing with vampires, this couple certainly attracted attention. (Notice in the whole quilt that they are sitting far away from the nuns!) Is this Count Dracula or perhaps one of Anne Rice’s many creations?

Theatre: Vampires

The faces are just realistic enough to get an idea of what each person might be thinking – Beast is longing for his love, Papa is so proud of his new baby, the youngest nun is quite excited to be at the theatre. They are done with machine stitching.

It was a good show and I enjoyed seeing quilts close up and personal again. Peter and I are heading off to Chattanooga in September for another one.

One thought on “AQS Charlotte Show: People

  1. That Ruby quilt is quite outstanding, isn’t it? That must have been an interesting show to see. I looked for an email address to reply to your comment on my blog and I couldn’t find one. I’m sorry about the machines issues that you’re having. It sounds like quite a few people are facing the same situation. That would be so annoying!
    Enjoy your week.


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