AQS Chattanooga Show

AQS had another new show in Chattanooga, TN last weekend and Peter and I decided we would take a road trip and check it out; neither of us have been there before. I spent Friday at the convention center, enjoying all the beautiful works of art. I am pleased to say that the lighting was good and so I did not need to tweak my photos!

The juried show was not as large as the one in Charlotte, but I saw lots of great quilts. This masterpiece won best of show and I absolutely agree! I have seen pictures of the quilt in some other blogs and was very pleased to view it myself. Marilyn Badger is the maker of Exuberance.


I took many pictures of this quilt so that I could study her work. I think you need to see this close-up so that you can admire the amazing appliqué, piecing and quilting! Her colors remind me of my favorite hand weaver – Randy Darwall. I have taken several classes with him over the years and he creates the most amazingly colored scarves. In the first class I took with him, I learned how he used purple as a neutral and how wonderful it looks with brown, as you can see in Marilyn’s quilt.

Exuberance detail

This multi award-winning quilt is made by amazing Japanese quilter Hiroko Miyama. I assume she owns Gold Retriever dogs, as she has used their images in several other quilts. This is a pieced quilt but it’s so realistic – particularly the tails. She won a major prize in this show.

If They Were in P.E.I.

Mary Ramsey Keasler is a favorite quilter of mine. I took a picture of this quilt with my phone and when Peter and I were walking around Chattanooga, I showed him the picture in front of an actual yellow and orange Lantana! It’s an amazing likeness.

Ms. Lantana

This quilt, Through the Cracks, is also by Mary Keasler! If you check out her blog, you will see the variety of quilts she has made. I follow her blog and have seen both of these quilts in progress. I don’t know of many quilters who experiment (successfully!) with such different sorts of designs.

Through the Cracks

This is quite an amazing Baltimore Album style quilt. It’s a large 4 by 4 square design, but I thought I would show you a detail so you could see the incredible workmanship. It’s called Sailing the World on the Waves, by Betty Jeffries.

Sailing the World on the Waves

And here’s another detail shot, this time of Grandmother’s Rose Garden, made by Donna Gilbert. The pictures I took of the whole quilt were fuzzy, but you can see in this close up what amazing hand appliqué she does.

Grandmother's Rose Garden

Lots more is coming about the show and the town!

5 thoughts on “AQS Chattanooga Show

    • He is a fabulous weaver and a wonderful teacher! His use of color is so instinctive that it’s hard to “teach”. We made him dye and design a warp and we watched, to try to get an idea…


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