More Quilts in Chattanooga!

The AQS had several special shows and one of them featured Melody Johnson. I have seen many of her quilts over the years and follow her blog, but it was wonderful to see the quilts in person and to have a long chat with her. Some of the quilts were older and some brand new and all feature her exuberant use of color! The first Melody quilt I remember seeing was Summer, which must have been in this sunflower series. I was really struck by the design and it made me want to experiment with fusing. This is Melody’s Sunflowers II created in 2001.

Sunflowers II

Cross Series III was done in the mid 2000’s and I don’t remember this group at all. It is pieced and I see the design as a complex jigsaw puzzle. It looks wonderful both close up and far away. It is 62″ x 47″ – that’s a lot of color!

Cross Series III

Matchstick Moons is my favorite series by far! I have seen these quilts before but I stood and stared at all the tiny pieces of fabric again. For those of you who are not quilters, click on this link to read how to fuse and how Melody created the Matchstick series. Whenever I see these quilts, I think I should try making match sticks on a tiny scale. It’s like pointillism with lines!

Matchstick Moons

I took many more pictures, but Melody has a wonderful blog with her recent work and then an older one with photos of all her work over the years, which you can check out should you be interested.

Chattanooga went all out for the quilters coming to town and there were many special events to enjoy over the long weekend. On Friday night we went to a gallery to see more quilts. Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler was pieced and hand appliquéd by Delia Price and machine quilted by Sherry Meyer. I have made many sampler quilts over the years, but this 140 square quilt really impressed me!

Sylvia's Bridal Sampler

This is Bright Jungle Birdies made by Mary Saxton. The star patterns in this sampler quilt are called feathered star and it’s a pattern I have on my to-do list. All those tiny triangles are nasty to piece! What really struck us was the marvelous appliqué with the birdies and flowers and leaves. Click on the photo to ee the little lines with dots that are between each feathered star square. It’s a really nice detail.

Bright Jungle Birdies

This quilt was hung in a perfect spot beside a window so that it was easy to see the amazing quilting! The floral designs really make this quilt. It is called Delectable Sawtooth made by Karen Downer and quilted by Quilting Squares.

Delectable Sawtooth

One can never look at too many quilts…

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