Chattanooga sculpture

This is the last post about Chattanooga….I promise! I just wanted to share with you what a great place it is.

As many of you know, Peter and I are newly minted Southerners. We have spent the last year enjoying the lovely place we live and feeling so lucky to have found it. And now it’s time to explore the South, an area we know little about. The AQS Show was the perfect place to start. I can’t say what I thought Chattanooga would be like – a lovely drippy vine-y city with lots of old houses probably – but it was not that at all! It turns out to be a very Urban, trendy city with lots of exposed brick and girders and bolts in the architecture (as well as old houses!). We were very surprised! We ate in 5 different restaurants and liked all of them very much. That’s unusual when visiting a new place.

While I was at the quilt show on Friday, Peter biked and explored the downtown and river areas and then on Saturday he took me on a tour. Wow! The Riverwalk winds for many miles along the Tennessee River and Peter biked the whole section and said there were sculptures all along the trail. We walked up the hill to The Hunter Museum of American Art. Quite an amazing structure, isn’t it? The lovely old home is the original part and there is another, awful looking addition facing the river. We will go inside on another trip.

Hunter Museum of American Art


What I really liked about Chattanooga is their public art. I have never been to a city with so much sculpture! There was an enormous amount of it so they have committed lots of public dollars to acquiring it. On one side of the museum we caught sight of this sculpture by Albert Paley, a man whose work we have long admired.

Albert Paley

This crazy fun sculpture sits in near the museum in front of this lovely, old Spanish home! It’s quite a contrast.

The Savoy

Click on this picture to see the fun windy walkway we walked to get up to the museum. Why isn’t he looking at the amazing river view?

A great view!


Further along the Riverwalk we came upon the First Street Sculpture Garden which is across the street from this gorgeous historic home in what’s now called the Bluff View Arts District. The sculpture garden contains a variety of work with the river as a back drop. There are many fabulous old homes up there and it’s wonderful that the city has been able to save them. This house is now a bakery!

Bluff View Arts District

We walked across the bridge to the Northshore for lunch and discovered this side walk art. I have never seen anything like this…

Sidewalk art

It was cloudy and rainy the whole time we were there, but it made for some lovely photos. Peter took this panoramic view with his iPhone and I’m so glad it fits on the blog. We’re looking forward to next year’s AQS show!

Panoramic Chattanooga

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