Hardly Hooking…

In truth, until two weeks ago, I hadn’t pulled one loop since we moved into the house last September! The outdoors, the new locale, getting the studio set up all took precedence. Now that it’s football season, I’ve decided to get my two very old rug hooking projects completed. {Actually, I really would like to start something new but I am not allowing myself to do that until I finish Vermont Shells. Each time I get it out and look at it I wonder why I haven’t completed it!!!}

The first thing I had to do on the Vermont Shells rug was to rip out and re-hook some lines. When we moved to The Residence Inn I found that I had remembered everything I needed except the brown wool that outlines the shells. I decided to use the bright blue as a “placeholder” and pull it out and re-hook when I had the brown wool.

Bo brown

It looks much better with the brown outline…

Vermont Shells Outlined

And look how much progress I’ve made! It’s amazing what can happen when one sits down and hooks.   ;-D

Vermont Shells Half Done?

The next issue is the border color which I have been thinking about as I hook. Before we moved I had a marathon dyeing session, trying to get every color I needed to finish the rug. I wanted the outside border to be the darkest purple in the middle. I pulled out said wool the other day and I don’t know why I thought that color would work…. it is more of an indigo than a blue purple and does not relate to any color in the rug.

I’ve been mulling over why I could not match the purple and then I remembered that when I planned this rug and dyed the middle colors, we lived in Shanghai China. The water there was undrinkable. One day I’d turn it on and it smelled dreadful and was a brownish color. Another day I’d turn it on and it was so full of chlorine that it made my eyes water. Those purples in the middle are unique and because of the water, I will never be able to duplicate them!!! I dug around in my wool stash and came up with these plaid options. It’s impossible to tell just by looking, so I will cut and hook some strips.

Vermont Shells border ideas

And of course the second project to finish is Eliza. I don’t know why I am having so much trouble with being so picky about the colors in this rug.

Eliza progress

I’d like to mention some blogs about rug hooking that you might enjoy as much as I do. Sarah at The Paisley Studio has a list of many rug hooking blogs and kindly put me on it, though I have been MIA recently! Sharon at Off The Hook Wool Rugs found me and I’m so glad. I have seen her wonderfully designed and unusually colored rugs at several shows and wondered who she was. Both ladies have websites where you can admire and purchase their creations.


9 thoughts on “Hardly Hooking…

  1. Looks great! I hope you like it down here…I know it beats the Chicago winters (except last winter wasn’t the best) but the summers are… ___ well, I’ll leave that blank 😀 . Take care!


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