Home from the Rome Trip & Food

Peter and I had a wonderful trip to Rome! We arrived home on Sunday to find that Fall has arrived in South Carolina – turning leaves and the smell of smoke on the breeze. Yesterday we had tornado warnings and rain! It was a good day to catch up and download pictures.

We stayed in the Hotel Artemide  and what a nice place it was! Should you go to Rome, we would highly recommend it. They have recently re-done the rooms, and although they say on their website that they are simple and adequate, we found them to be *perfect* and elegant. Here’s the comfy bed. The wall was covered in a menswear sort of fabric and the lighting was great. It was a very quiet hotel, which is so nice as Rome is so busy and noisy.

Hotel bedroom

The hotel had a buffet breakfast included in the price and we appreciated that. I find that I am grumpiest at breakfast and wandering down the street when I’m jet lagged and hungry trying to find something I want to eat is no fun. They had all sorts of European meats and eggs and muesli but sometimes a waitress would come around with “treats”. Some mornings it was special pastries and other times it was “fresh cheese”, which was freshly made ricotta!!! OMG – it was amazing.

When we arrived at the hotel, our room wasn’t ready, so we wandered down the street to find something to eat and drink. Exhaustion made us stupid and we ordered a “latte”. Ha! You can do that at Starbucks and they know what you mean, but not in Italy. We forgot to include the all important word – – – cafe… I can’t think when I last had hot milk…

A latte...


Artisanal beer is becoming popular in Rome and before we left, I did some research on brewpubs. Open Baladin was a little difficult to find, but what a fun place. Isn’t the decor so trendy? For homesick Americans, their burgers are very good and they also offer several kinds of freshly made chips with unusual toppings.

Open Baladin

Gelato is one of our favorite Italian food groups. This very cute place was across the street from our hotel and calls itself  Verde Pistachio! It is a teeny, tiny place with a great design – the VW bus front is where the cash register is and the rest of the van is the front of the counter. One day when we went by, there was a matching green Vespa  sitting out front. Oh – the gelato was good.

Verde Pistacchio

When we went to visit one of the open air markets –

Market food


– we spied this place – Okiba Mozzarella Bar and put it on our list for a dinner place.You can check out the website to read all about it, and if you are lucky you live near one of the US locations. Peter had a pizza with three kinds of mozzarella cheese on it. Roman pizzas have very thin, almost cracker-like crusts and they are amazing. I chose a favorite dish of mine, pasta, green beans, pesto and potatoes. It was so delicious. I make it at home in the Summer when I have lots of basil. This is the Martha Stewart recipe that I use and it works well, but there is nothing like eating it made with fresh pasta.

Obika Mozzarella Bar

The store windows in any European city are a sight. Here you can see lots of savory and sweet treats.


And this one is full of freshly made pasta and fat porcini mushrooms. They were in season and all the restaurants had baskets of them as you walked in the front door.

Pasta & porchini

Did I gain weight eating all this lovely food, you may ask? No I did not! We walked miles and miles every day. I like a vacation when I can eat what I like and actually lose a few pounds…

5 thoughts on “Home from the Rome Trip & Food

  1. Envy is one of the 7 deadly sins, Deb, but… Yeah. I laughed when you said you lost weight from all the walking. A number of years ago, Tom and I spent a long weekend in Paris. My goal was to was to eat goat cheese at as many meals as possible in as many ways as possible. I lost weight on that trip too. Because of all the walking! Glad you had a great time!


    • I didn’t lose much but it was great to step on the scales (before a visit to the doctor so I wasn’t surprised…)and see the result. Being *away* from the refrigerator is always a good thing thing too! ;-D


    • Obviously I’ve been thinking a lot about it this week and it was a relaxing trip. My husband said that he wanted to “hang out in Rome” and that’s what we did! I am sure we missed many of the “must sees” and we didn’t go in any museums but the Vatican ones, on a tour, but religious art is not our thing. The hotel had a rooftop restaurant and bar area that was so peaceful and later in the week, we would read up there. A friend was horrified to think that we’d wasted our time doing that, but being a tourist in a place like Rome is hard work. ;-D Anyway! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Thanks for posting those fabulous photos with your commentary. I think the idea of “hanging out” in a wonderful city is a great one, especially if the hanging out includes finding great little restaurants and food markets.


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