Rome: Men in Uniforms!

It’s always fun on a vacation to start a collection of  – photographs, and to look carefully everywhere you go to add to it. The Men in Uniform collection started on our tour of Vatican City. I know I have waxed enthusiastic about them before, but with some Internet study, I can now tell you that this is the uniform of the Pontifical Swiss Guard.

Swiss Guard

As we walked down a street to find a beer to quench our thirst (all that old Roman dust, you know!), I spied these guards. They look like a subdued version of the Pontifical Guards and they are. These uniforms are worn by the Regular Duty Swiss Guards.

Swiss guard variation?

Peter and I were standing in the street in front of some governmental building or other so I could photograph the man with the hackle (?) on his hat. All of a sudden, he strode towards me! I remember moving behind Peter and saying “OMG, I’m going to be arrested!”. Thankfully he wanted to talk to the man below. This picture really makes me smile, with the contrast of an old style military uniform with that of a modern-day businessman!

Italian police officer in dress uniform

The uniform above and below is the full dress uniform of the Roman police officers. It’s quite splendid and I was trying to imagine Peter heading off to work every day wearing something like that! There are all sorts of official buildings around the city, both Roman and European Union. I think the guards on the outside may be with the EU, because that flag was flying above the entrance.

Many uniforms

I very much like the hats on these officers. From the style of their pants, I am assuming that they may be motorcycle police, or perhaps ride horses.

Motorcycle police

How did this get here??? Because it’s the uniform of Peter, the Official Map Reader and Tour Guide! With my lack of map reading skills, I would be lost without him…

Peter and the map

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