Houston’s Ruby Show: Shibori Eye Candy!

I did not attend the IQA Show in Houston last year, due to our move and just being worn out; so this year was especially fun. I spent the days before the show opened taking classes and enjoyed each and every one.

It has been well over a year since I have dyed anything and I’ve been itching. (I don’t think the new kitchen will be great for dyeing, but sometime soon I need to figure out how to do it.) Shibori sort of dyeing techniques are my great love; I’ve been playing with them for years, so I jumped at the chance to take Glennis Dolce’s class : Shibori Mandala. This was the sight that greeted us as we came into the room – mind-boggling isn’t it?

Shibori Mandela Class

I talked with Glennis many years ago at an IQA show, and she told me that she’d been a potter and was looking for something else to create and discovered shibori. Many years later, she seems to be one of the US experts and does lovely work. She recently developed a stitched technique for making mandalas. I am not going to show you the process, as it is hers. We spent an interesting day dyeing antique kimono fabrics and here’s the one of mine that I like the best. I don’t use silk much, so I will be figuring out how to do this on cotton.

During class Glennis showed examples of a colleague’s work. His mandalas are evidently tied. His name is Richard Carbin and his blog is AsiaDyer.

Richard Carbin shibori

Aren’t these amazing designs??? The work Glennis was showing were scarves and shawls. I think I would hang them in a window as it would be a shame to scrunch them up. Glennis was a good instructor and full of great ideas.

Glennis Dolce with Richard Carbin design

I also took a half day workshop/lecture with Jo Packham, whom I knew from Where Women Create magazine. Her talk was about organizing a studio, but contained so much more information. She told us about the amazing professional journey she took to find herself as Editor of WWC, Where Women Cook and Where Women Create Business. If you have ever looked at one of the magazines, you know they are full of great photographs and ideas, and her slide show was a treat. So many studios with so many interesting and creative people working in them. If you are ever able to hear her speak, I would defiantly suggest you do.


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