Piecing a Turkey: A Good Looking Breast!

The Bourbon Red turkey has white wing tips and I chose some creamy beiges for them. And as I mentioned, I divided up some of the ground sections so that I could use more fabrics for interest and texture.

Wing tips

I am happy with the grass fabrics I’m using, but today I auditioned some possibilities for the sky. I want a watery sort of Fall sky and these blues look good to me. The beiges I used for the wing tips might not have enough contrast, so perhaps when I sew the outer ring on the tail feathers I should select whiter whites.

Sky possibilities

The next section is an important one; it includes some sky and the all important breast, which is a large area and will start to define the bird’s color. Once I decide I like those browns, then I can color the tail feathers. If you look back at the design, the colors are in sequence so it will be easy going.

The breast!

He’s starting to look like a turkey – yippee!

{And now I must stop for today because the trainer for my new Sweet 16 is coming!!!}

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