I Got Distracted – Santa Project Underway!

I spent Saturday with my friend Molly, who asked if the turkey quilt top was done. Well no; I’ve been sidetracked with yet another project! I am heading East to Pennsylvania later this week to visit with friends and family. It’s such a beautiful place, especially this time of year. I will be spending some time with my niece and one of her sons. In an e-mail about a week ago, she asked if I could do “a Christmas craft” with them! When she was little, she always came to our house once or twice in December and we baked and created together. And I did make gingerbread houses with both her boys some years ago. That was a production.

Gingerbread houses

But I must admit to being surprised and unprepared! There was nothing for it but to spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking for ideas. I also emailed my friend Beth who has a long-standing tradition of making a Santa with a friend. And finally, that seemed like the best idea. A yearly tradition is a very fun thing and perhaps one my niece will want to continue after #2 has gone to college.

I do not make dolls, though I greatly admire them, and my nephew is a 13-year-old with unknown sewing skills. I found a lot of fun but difficult patterns that I will save for another year, should this year’s project be successful. I happened upon the AC Moore site which has projects!!! And this is the one I chose.

ACMoore Santa

Because I am not a dollmaker and I have difficulty in following directions, I decided I’d better make one at home. Trouble shooting and all that. The project says beginner and one hour. The beginner part is true, but the one hour is not. There is a lot of sewing! Obviously Santa is made of felt, but I dug around in the wool room and picked out some colors that I liked so that I could start him without going to a craft store on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I sewed his body, per instructions, and his arms…which seem freakishly thin. {Have you seen the Rob Lowe ad with his freakishly thin arms???} And the mitten makes him look like he has a lobster claw!

Large mitten!

So I sewed wider arms and reduced the mitten size. They still seem big, but he is supposed to be folk arty, I think! {The batting beard and the thumb tack eyes are for simulation only…} I think the hat may be big as well, but I am going to wait until I glue his face and beard on.

Better sizing

And I have made a tiny bit of progress on the turkey. I sewed a few tail feathers before being interrupted and I think the colors work…

Turkey tail

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