More on the Santa

Wow – yesterday’s Santa is really pathetic looking, isn’t he? It certainly looks like I do not know what I am doing, but there is some progress to share with you today! I worked on him during Monday Night football and then this morning I went to the store to get the supplies that I do not have. What fun! I generally steer clear of the aisles with felt and pompoms and glitter and sequins and stuff.  I made myself look only at the items on my list and not come up with excuses to buy other things. In that aisle, I found the white and flesh-colored felt that I needed and some fuzzy stuff to jazz up the trim on his outfit. I was afraid that the furry trim would look odd with a felt beard, but it looks cute.

Santa beard and trim

I also bought pipe cleaners to stiffen the arms. Even with his bigger arms, they are pretty droopy. I want to thank my friend Laura, who has lots more experience than I do making this sort of thing. When I e-mailed her for help after seeing her Santa post, she replied with lots of good suggestions. One was that she doesn’t do a lot of blanket stitching and I was coming to that conclusion. {whew!} I am a good stitcher, but it takes some time to make a nice even blanket stitch. I think it will be good for his mittens, but otherwise a small running stitch will do. She also uses Pearle Cotton. Duh….what a good idea. The 6 strand embroidery floss is a bit fussy and stiff and shows more than I like.

I have little experience with fabric glue but it seems to be holding… I reduced the size of his hat and his nose is glued! I did fret over the size a bit, but it’s permanent now. I have misplaced the googly eyes so I will worry over their placement later.

Close to a finish


I need to finish Santa today, so that I can pack him in my suitcase for the trip to Pennsylvania. As I search for those eyes, I am collecting all the little bits and pieces and patterns we will need. More later on how the project went over with my relatives…

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