The Santa Project Report

My trip to Bucks County was really fun and I caught up with a good many friends and relatives. I stayed with my {favorite} cousin and I had lunch with a couple that I babysat for almost 50 years ago {!} but the big event was spending Sunday with my niece and her family and making the Santas. My niece Kim’s house was a Christmas wonderland and this Santa on her windowsill was probably what we should have been making! Cute and a lot simpler…

Simple Santa

Said 13-year-old boy, my great-nephew Griffin, surprised and delighted me when he answered “yes” when I asked him if he knew how to hand sew! He made a hand puppet in what used to be called “Home Ec” which is now called some PC, convoluted sounding name I can’t remember. I would thread a needle and get him started and try to correct the way he was holding the piece he was sewing until – I realized that he is left-handed! Duh! Poor guy – how confusing that was.

Beginning Santa

It’s fun when a project gets going and everyone is happily working! I was threading needles and helping to cut and giving instructions and it was so much fun.

Griffin gluing

And then we had to stop so that Griffin could play in hockey game #2 of the day. I took along all four mittens and sewed a blanket stitch along the edge while we watched the game.

Griffin skating

When we got back from the game, we finished up what we could do. In my enthusiasm to get the project going, I neglected to sketch out a cutting diagram for the felt pieces and suddenly realized that there was not a big enough piece left for the arms. Those pesky arms! I was very sorry that they had to make another trip to a craft store to buy felt. You can’t hand sew faster than you can hand sew, and all told, we probably spent about 3 hours on this project, (which we did not finish!) so it is definitely not the one hour that A. C. Moore said it would be.

Getting close...

Here is what was accomplished when I had to leave and we’d run out of felt. The three armless Santas look pretty cute.

Armless Santas

I got texts from Kim over the weekend and here are the Santas, which Kim and Griffin completed on Sunday!

Completed Santas!

Notice the little packages and trees that they added. Very nice job. Kim tells me that Griffin is already talking about next year’s Santa, so I guess “the craftsy Auntie” did good. ;-D

Packages and trees


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