Cleaning Up The Christmas Clutter

…and organizing for the New Year.

Christmas was a bit of a blur. After a fun two days, I came down with a stomach thing on the 27th and felt unwell for several days. Was it a bug? Was it excess sugar or turkey or good cheer? I can’t say, but I dozed on the couch, draped in the new Christmas Quilt and ate toast and rice, while the tins of cookies languished…

We took the tree down today, which always makes me sad. I love walking into the great room and seeing it, slowly winking at me with its brightly colored lights… I know it’s late to show a picture, but it was an especially pretty tree.

2014 tree

Santas and snowmen need to be collected and linens washed and stored and the Merry Christmas to Me quilt still needs to be washed – it’s been very rainy recently. The  studio is where we wrap presents and the paper and ribbon and tape have been tucked away. Next I pondered: “how do I re-arrange the studio to include the new Sweet 16?”. I very much like my Koala sewing table because it is so flexible and can be arranged in many ways. I decided that I need the maximum table space for cutting and spreading out patterns, so I closed that part of the Koala, and put my office table parallel to it. Then the Sweet 16 fits nicely beside it.

Reorg 1

That didn’t last long! I came in the studio this morning and looked at that arrangement and realized that it did not use the table to the best advantage. Although it looks “tidy” and there is lots of floor space with the table parallel to the sewing table, it’s really better to have it perpendicular. This way, I can move around the table to work on things and when I start storing containers underneath, they will be easy to access. I think this is good!

Reorg 2

And look what I am working on again, poor guy!

Turkey work

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