Turkey Quilt Top Progress

If Tommy Lee Turkey had eyes, the poor guy would have been glaring at me each time I entered the studio and ignored him! I started him November 22 and really planned on having the top done for Thanksgiving. But I was diverted, and diverted. So now that it’s the New Year and my time is my own, he moved to the top of the to do list.

If you look at the last post, you can see that I’ve had to work on the large center area. I really thought there was a day or two of work to do, but I’ve been sewing on it for the better part of three days. Because I chose to make a different breed than the pattern suggested, I had to figure out what was happening with the feather colors in each area; I’d look at the pattern and then at a photo of a Bourbon Red Turkey. The outer tail feathers were easy to do, but then it took me a bit more ripping out for me to realize that the colors keep spiraling around. A color out-of-place made the tail look odd.

I saved the face area for last. Turkeys have interesting colored faces; they are milky white/blue/pink. Here’s a section using a funny pink batik and it looks okay. But what about the two lighter browns on his back? Hmmmmm….. Does it look like he has a jacket or a vest on? This picture shows the second set of colors I have tried.

Pink neck

Here you can see that all the smaller units are pieced and now it’s time to sew the large sections together. What about those two browns – still debating! That’s all for today – I am worn out.

Sewing big pieces





8 thoughts on “Turkey Quilt Top Progress

    • I do love googling things! As a kid, my father said I asked too many questions and now I can find answers quick-as-a-wink! I started to write about the turkey parts and then thought I’d better look them up and I’m glad I did, because I sure didn’t know about “the snood”! Though not too many people comment on my blog, I do like to be as accurate as I can… ;-D


  1. I tried replying under your response, but it’s not showing, so if this is duplicated, please excuse! I sure wish that pattern was available, but nothing we can do about it.LOL. Thank you for your reply!!


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