Tommy Lee Turkey Top Completed!

Thanks for yesterday’s comments, both publicly and privately! I got up to the studio this morning and studied Tommy Lee for a while… In the end, at the last possible moment, I did remove the two lighter browns and for the third time, added some very dark values. Now I’m not sure that the dark greens under his body work….I meant it to look like a shadow. But I’m not pulling that out.

One more seam

This photo shows him hot off the sewing machine and pressed as well as could be done.

Paper still behind the top

With freezer paper piecing, you actually sew beside the paper so it is easy to remove – a real plus as it is easy to get rid of a section that I don’t like by simply pulling off the paper pattern. (Here’s a nice tutorial, should you be interested.) When I was sure everything was as I wanted it, I removed the papers and pressed again. You can see why the pressing becomes more and more difficult…

Removing the paper


Ta da! Here he is, free of paper, steamed and fairly smooth. Next up is deciding whether he needs a border. And of course I need to square up the sides and think about the quilting. First finished top of the year, ;-D

Tommy Lee Turkey Top


6 thoughts on “Tommy Lee Turkey Top Completed!

  1. This is just gorgeous! I love turkeys AND paper piecing! If you are finished with this pattern and would like to sell it, I’d love to buy it! I can’t find it available ANYWHERE!


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