A Quilt Name & Some Progress

Coming up with names for my quilts is something I really enjoy doing, and when nothing comes to mind, it bothers me. Interestingly enough, I find that naming a quilt early in the creative process helps me with the colors or design. When I take a class with someone, I generally refer to it as something like  “the Gail Garber class quilt”, which was what I called this quilt was for some time.

Too Many Moving Pieces sewing

And then it came to me –

As part of his job, Peter develops training courses. When things aren’t going quite right, he’ll say, “There are too many moving pieces”, meaning in a business sense that a lot of things can go wrong – or perhaps aren’t well enough thought-out. The words popped in my head one day when I was trying to invisibly sew a seam that had come undone while I was quilting the top. I only designed one of the stars in the class and that was fairly straight forward. I came home and added flying geese and many more stars and trying to figure out how to piece everything together gave me fits; it was a bit over my skill level…and so it seemed a good name for this quilt.

I started this quilt top in a Gail Garber class on March 9, 2012. Last January I pulled it out of the closet planning to quilt it in time to enter my guild’s show in March. After all the relocation and related distractions, I was seriously committed to trying to figure out how to use the Bernina 820 and do some good quilting. It was not to be and I won’t bore you again with a Bernina rant!  (I just looked over my posts from last year and I did not comment much on my difficulties. I think I was so upset that I couldn’t discuss it.) Since the Sweet 16 was shipped to me in November, I have been wound up with The Holidays and have spent very little time using it, so I needed to find something to experiment on.

This quilt-in-progress seemed like a good project to work on since it’s really ruined and I can’t mess it up anymore than it has been. Last February I put it away in a huff and yesterday I had to carefully examine it to remember what thread I was using. The Bernina was so fussy that I tried many kinds of threads before I found two that seemed to work. Usually I wrap the quilt up with the threads I am using, but I was pretty angry. I had some places where thread needed to be ripped out (because the quilting was so awful looking) and when I got going, I ripped out a lot. There were also lots of threads to weave into the quilt. (Perfect football watching work!)

Ending threads

There actually isn’t much left to quilt, so if all goes well, I will have the first finish of The New Year soon…


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