Too Many Moving Pieces Quilt!

It’s always an exciting day when a quilt is finished. And completely finished, binding, label and washing is all done and the quilt is hung! Though I cropped this photo, I hung the quilt in the studio where you can see it as you walk down the hall. It looks very nice against the beautiful pink walls.

Too Many Moving Pieces quilt completed

The first job when I finished quilting was to square up the quilt. As I said, I was in over my head and there was a good bit that needed to be trimmed; “funny edges”, stars that didn’t work out and lots of bias gone bad. Check out  the outside edge on the top below – – – it’s ugly!

Too Many Moving Pieces edges

I did the initial trimming on my table mat, and then I moved the quilt to the floor to check that it was square. It wasn’t and it took several tries to get it all (fairly) even and parallel. This is one of those times I wish I had a black and white tile floor like many quilters to to help in this process, but taping several cutting mats together worked pretty well.

Lots of trimming

I wasn’t sure what I was thinking for a binding, so I dug around in the batik stash and actually found the splotchy batik that I used in several stars. It seemed like a good choice to hold the piece together. When the binding and label were sewed, I was so anxious to wash the quilt. Not only did it have a billion holes from all the quilting I ripped out, but it was covered in cat hair. I don’t know how that happened as I make a great effort to keep quilts away from my darlings.

Here is a close up of the pale, pale flying geese. I didn’t realize how light they were until I hung it…you can barely see them.

Too Many Moving Pieces detail

I’m very pleased and wondering what quilt to work on next…

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