And The Next Quilting Project Is…

With the Too Many Moving Pieces quilt completed, I dug around in some boxes and bins to see what I might work on next. All went well as I finished the last areas of that quilt, but I am ready for much more practice. And here is the UFO chosen… a red, white and blue house quilt.

Red white & blue house quilt


I sewed the top when we lived in Colorado, so that dates it to 2000 – 2005. I remember finally deciding to use the acrylic templates that I bought at the quilt show in Tokyo. And in looking at the quilting I did do, I really over reached. I chose to use three colors of thread, which means lots of bobbin changes and re-threading and around the houses I did a tiny stipple, which I am not looking forward to trying to do again. I did not pin the sandwich well enough and the back is a mess. This will be the 4th machine I have used to quilt it! Yow. It has a lot of problems, but it will be good practice to try to do tiny stippling, not to mention all the straight lines. And I won’t be worrying about doing a poor job since that has already happened.

I also did this red and white house quilt too. Perhaps that will be up next or maybe I will need a rest from quilting houses!

Red Houses quilt top


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