Orphan Block Mash-Up Quilt Borders

I’ve been looking at the design wall and thinking a lot about some of the decisions that need to be made. First one, not a big deal really but will dictate some of the other squares I make is that orange gets to play in the quilt top but purple doesn’t. I love purple but my stash of that color is not good. I must remedy that!

And then I’ve decided to use the squares border all around the quilt. I am not good at designing pieced borders and very few of my quilts have them. It seems that I don’t do them unless I have them in the original design idea. Funny. This is my favorite pieced border and it was a bear to do. I saw it on a Japanese quilt at a show in Tokyo and quickly sketched out the design on the pad in my purse as I walked out the door. My math skills are abominable and in the end, Peter had to figure out the math for me as the nine patches on point constitute very wonky math. Now that I think about it, I could have made it all a lot simpler, but Peter came through and it all worked out.

Tokyo Bright Lights

There are two designs of the black and white squares, I thought and then I came across another one, which had yellow in the middle – for the corners, I’m assuming. I fiddled around with possible combinations and what size the quilt would be and decided that 7 squares on each edge will be big enough. The outside size will be about 56″ square and the inside, about 40″. I spent the last few days piecing them and here are the four border pieces finished. It is very dark and heavy…

Orphan Block Mash Up Borders

The one border has a hand appliquéd vine and that may stay on just one border or may grow to other areas…we’ll see.

Applique on border

Next I need to piece some more blocks to fill the middle and think some more!



4 thoughts on “Orphan Block Mash-Up Quilt Borders

  1. Ooo, looking good! Nice border treatment.

    I think the vine needs to grow a little. It looks out of place all by itself across one side. It might lighten the heavy look but that also depends on the center blocks too. Just my humble opinion.


    • Well of course I want to hear your opinion! And I do have some ideas about it growing, but more on that later. I haven’t done any hand appliqué in so long, I am looking forward to it.


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