Blue Plaid Basket Square Re-Do

Though I never limit myself to using only 4 or 5 fabrics for a sampler quilt (which was traditional to do years ago), I do like to have some pattern repetition to hold the quilt together. Plaids and stripes stand out, to my eyes, and so I like to make sure that I use a pattern like that several times. The blue plaid fabric in this basket square is also in a Dresden plate square I’m using and the fabric is nowhere to be found on the shelves. The square also has a yellow dotted background and I want it to be black and white – so –

Planning basket

– EQ7 to the rescue! I can draft patterns by hand on paper, but it’s nice to use a quilt software program like EQ7 to do the heavy lifting. Because I ripped the entire square apart, I wanted the pattern to be smaller to make sure that I had enough of the plaid fabric, so the square is now 9.5″ finished. And isn’t this pattern, exported from EQ7, so cute?

5 patch flower basket

Here is the re-sewn basket square. That was quick and easy!

Basket re-do


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