Road Trip: Amelia Island Florida!

I am on a solo road trip heading to Eastern Florida. When looking at the routes I could take and where might be a good stopping point, Amelia Island caught my eye. I think they advertise in our local magazines and it sounded like a lovely spot. I haven’t been to Florida for some time but…
You know you’re in Florida when buckets of plastic crocodiles appear.

And when there are references to pirates everywhere!

And the homes are painted such lovely colors…

I am staying at a hotel on Fernandino Beach and I took a long walk. It has been so long since I’ve dipped my toes in the Atlantic Ocean! My buddies and I enjoyed the grey skies and crashing waves.

Now to wash the sand off my feet and find some dinner!

2 thoughts on “Road Trip: Amelia Island Florida!

    • There is just something about the colorful buckets of creatures! I always want them. I was also taken by a mermaid wind catcher whose arms did the breast stroke in the wind!

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