The Powder Room Re-Do!

!!!!!! Hooray !!!!!!

This is the before – the dreadfully dark, dreary, silly wallpaper. And the beaded shades. They made the room very dark and were filthy dirty. I used to be very fond of brass, but not anymore. Everything metal in this house is brass….

Dreadful wallpaper

 And here it is today!

It really does not look like the same room. When we got the wallpaper off, it was noticeably brighter. The light makes the blue walls look almost white, but we painted them a warm blue. Peter tackled the huge job of replacing the pedestal sink and the insides of the toilet and we installed all new fixtures. And the pretty orb pendant.

Powder room re-do

The next project will be deciding what to hang on the walls, but for now, I am so happy to be looking at this calm blue…

13 thoughts on “The Powder Room Re-Do!

    • Thanks Anita! How goes the fabric reorganization? I need to work on my studio area as well…
      I have been deleting posts too, because I don’t want to pay for more “storage” I am keeping the most popular ones. I also have books made of my blog each year, so I guess I’m not losing them.


    • That’s for sure! It makes me itchy to work on the rest of the house, but it’s about to be Spring here and there will be outdoor work.I also think I’ve worn out my husband for a bit. That pedestal sink really took him some time.


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