Trouble with Kansas Troubles!

Where was I? With the powder room re-do, the trip to Florida and cleaning the house for the dessert part of a neighborhood progressive dinner, I’ve lost my train of thought on the Orphan Block Mash Up quilt! We also went to Charleston last week, for two days, to visit dear friends and their charming daughter and family. Here’s just one shot – while eating breakfast I could hardly take my eyes off this little darling…

Katie & Charlie

So before I got to my cleaning chores for the day, I thought I’d work on a new square for the quilt mash-up project. This square is a variation of one called Kansas Troubles. I like squares like this, with lots of points and movement. I found it on Electric Quilt 7 for Mac {!!!} and did this coloring. Isn’t this fun to be able to export the image to my computer?

Kansas Trouble Variation

Although I like this square, I don’t like piecing all the small half square triangles together and trying to get everything even, so I printed it out from EQ7 as a paper piecing pattern. After fooling with fabrics for a bit, I sewed one quarter of the square to see if I liked the coloring. I did and so I labeled the backs of the remaining squares. Labeling is key because it’s easy to forget where you are when paper piecing.

Kansas Troubles coloring

And off to the sewing machine I went. Ha! It pays to pay attention and not get dreamy or something like this happens. I seem to find it very easy to do – despite – careful labeling.

Trouble with Kansas Trouble


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