In March, It’s All About Chocolate & Mint!

In my family, each one of us were allowed to choose the cake we wanted Mom to make for our birthdays. Mine was angel food. Mom was creative and did things like ice a Barbie Doll in the middle, or put a vase in the center and fill it with lilacs. In this photo the cake is chocolate, so I guess I hadn’t been asked what I would prefer… I am blowing the candles out and my cousin is distracted by the camera!

My 4th birthday?

When Peter joined the family, I asked him what cake I should bake for him and he replied “chocolate and chocolate”. We had a good Hershey’s cake recipe and I don’t remember what I used for the icing. And then, in 1980 my mother gave me a call. In the March issue of McCall’s, there were a number of chocolate cake recipes that all sounded so good. After checking them out I asked Peter, “If one were having a birthday in a few weeks, would one be interested in having a chocolate and creme-de-menthe cake?”. He thought about it and said yes, that sounded good. And so I started making The Amazing Cake which is on the bottom left of the original article. It is 3 layers of a dark chocolate cake with with green creme-de-menthe flavored icing in between and then a delicious chocolate frosting on the top. (I have also made the Chocolate Sundae cake on the bottom right. It is very wonderful as well but you need a crowd to eat it because the whipped cream filling doesn’t hold long.)

1980 Mc Call's recipes

For the last few years I have been making the same recipe but as filled cupcakes. For me, the icing lover that I am, every bite delivers the right proportion of cake, filling and icing. And Peter loves them too. ;-D

Peter's cupcakes

One of the benefits of blogging is that you find all sorts of new friends. Kerry collects and sells textiles and creates all sorts of textiles herself and she makes candy and sweets! When I saw her Dark Chocolate Mint Cookie Cream Bark Bars I knew that Peter would love them for his birthday. Don’t they look delicious? We have really been enjoying them.

Kerry's chocolate mints

P.S. Leave a comment if you would like to have a copy of the amazingly delicious Creme-de-Menthe Cake recipe…

6 thoughts on “In March, It’s All About Chocolate & Mint!

  1. Choosing your cake on your birthday has very fond memories for me. On my very first birthday meal with my husband’s family, my MIL didn’t ask me what my favorite cake was and I thought that was odd seeing how everyone else chose their favorite. They sang, I blew out the candles and while the cake was delicious, I had never had it before. And when I said, “This is delicious, what is it”, she knew she had been deceived. You see, my husband’s favorite cake is Italian Creme Cake and that’s what she served. From then on it’s been chocolate and chocolate! Would love your recipe, thanks


  2. What a great birthday photo of you! I love those long pigtails šŸ™‚ It’s so nice to ask a family member what they want and then be able to create it for them. Enjoy!


  3. You can tell I’ve been away from my computer–or I would’ve said thanks MUCH sooner for the kind words about my candy! I’m so happy Peter, and you, liked it! And I think that childhood photo pretty much sums up the joy we all felt on our birthdays–life was good!


    • I was about to e-mail you to see if you were okay! You’ve been quiet (except for dishtowels ;-D) for some time. We still have one bar left to savor. Next time we’ll try the other mint goodies.


      • Oh, more than okay–in Florida yet again! But all I had with me was my iPhone and I just basically took a break from the blog world–but I missed you all!


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