How Will I Piece the Quilt Together?

Perhaps some of you are wondering how I plan to piece all the orphan blocks together. I have made some similar quits in the past and learned a few lessons! This is a quilt I made for Great Nephew #2. I used a lot of novelty circus prints and sewed frames around them. And then I pieced them together. It was not fun, trying to make them all fit together.

Griffin's quilt

This is the next quilt that I made in the same vein. It’s funny animal prints, mostly by Nancy Wolff. This time I framed the animals as I liked with colored fabrics and then used a background fabric to sew them together. It was much easier to do and the neutral fabric hid some of the odd pieces.

My animal's quilt

So that is how I am approaching my Orphan Blocks Mash-Up. I have spent a lot of time moving the pieces around on the design wall and looking at the result and trying for a bit of balance. It can go together any number of ways, but now I am done fooling with it and working on getting this quilt top done! The first section I pieced is on at the bottom right of the quilt top. Early on I decided that the paper pieced flowers and leaf looked nice pieced around the appliquéd heart, and so it began.

Piecing start

And then I pieced the other two squares that I wanted to finish the bottom row. At this point, I took everything off the design wall including the backing, so that I could better see what I was doing. I have taken photographs every time I moved squares around, so I have references and won’t forget what the plan is.

Bottom row completed

And so it goes, trying to fit two or three pieces at a time, like a puzzle. I have been working away, doing a small section each day. I am close to being done, and here’s where it frankly gets ugly. That last row is going to be a bear to piece. I will cut the background pieces a lot larger and trim and measure and trim and …

Ugly piecing!

This top certainly won’t be the flattest one I’ve ever made because of all the partial seam piecing, but hopefully my skillful quilting will save the day. ;-D

4 thoughts on “How Will I Piece the Quilt Together?

  1. I like how you’re putting the blocks together and I bet it is rather challenging to fit all of the different sized blocks together. It’s interesting how different the second quilt top looks from the first by using more background fabric around the blocks. So many options to play with! Have fun….


  2. This is fascinating! I HAVE been wondering how all these elements would come together and it’s very cool to see you handle it so effectively. The only part i have any doubt about is the log cabin block in the upper left corner of the last photo, since it’s so much darker and “heavier” than all the others. I’m sure you’ll figure it out!


    • Ha! We’ll see what it ends up looking like. I do have an idea, though I obviously don’t know if it will soften the black area. There’s appliqué on the borders that I want to extend into the log cabin area… Stay tuned!


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