The Orphan Blocks Mash-Up Middle…

… is done!

This is one of the times I wish that I had a tile floor to measure and check the square-ness of the top, but I did the best I could with the lines in our wood floor. It seems to be fairly even and I hope, as I said before, to be able to quilt some of the irregularities out of the top.

Orphan Blocks Mash-Up Middle!

So now it’s on to redesigning the appliqué. Here’s what I started when it was a different quilt. Now the vines need to grow down one edge (at least) and perhaps over the dark log cabin. I love hand appliqué and haven’t done it for a long time.

Orphan Blocks Mash-Up Border

I’m looking forward to some hand work!

3 thoughts on “The Orphan Blocks Mash-Up Middle…

  1. I am so impressed with this! What seemed like a hodgepodge of blocks has come together into something so pretty! The use of the appliqué vines makes sense, too, as another way to pull it all together–looking forward to seeing more of that!


    • Thank you Kerry! I was surprised too when I got it all sewed together, that it did seem to work. ;-D
      I really like crayon-y primary brights, so this quilt makes me happy. On to the appliqué – I might never finish when I get going with that.


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