A Small Change of Pace!

I am diligently working on the appliqué part of the Orphan Blocks Mash-Up quilt. I plan and cut leaves and flowers during the day and I sew the leaves and stems during TV at night. I have been debating what piecing project to begin. We’ve had buckets of rain (and hail and tornado warnings!) so I’ve not been able to garden and I wanted to do get going…

There are so many quilts I’d like to make – I’m surprised when people say they have no inspiration because I have that in abundance! I thought it might be a good idea to work on some small quilts, to get these ideas out of my head and created in fabric. I opened up EQ7 and looked at block ideas and settled on a very old favorite. I’ve wanted to do a feathered star for forever and have started one several times. I decided to do a 15″ foundation pieced one and colored this simple design from EQ7.

Feathered Star top

I have taken a class on piecing it “the old-fashioned way”, actually sewing all those half square triangles and it was not enjoyable for me, so I printed the pattern out on a product called Fun-dation. I evidently discovered this when we lived in Japan, because the price tag on the package is in Yen! It is a very thin interfacing and you sew on it and leave it on the back of the quilt. For a project this small, tearing any sort of fabric would be annoying and tedious.


I picked out some arashi shibori and plain dyed fabrics to match and started sewing. Gosh, but the pieces were so tiny. I finished one edge and measured it. Looks like this star will be about 11″ finished! I checked back in my EQ7 sketchbook and it says 15″ – – – but, when I printed out the foundations I did not put in 15″ so that’s why it’s the wrong size. {duh} I blithely printed out their foundation pieces, using their divisions, not paying any attention to where the breaks were. (I wanted to get started!) Sadly for me, there is not one straight seam; they are all partial seams and very odd ones at that. This is some seriously nasty piecing and will take some study and patience to figure out…

Nasty feathered star



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