The Pleasures of April in South Carolina

April is coming to an end and despite all the rain, violent thunder storms, tornado warnings and hail, it has been a beauty! It is going to take me awhile to get used to how early Spring arrives here…

The many azaleas in our yard are blooming profusely. We figure they are 15 years old and badly in need of trimming and a hit of fertilizer. They are pink or white or fuchsia and we’d like to start a collection of more unusual varieties. So Peter and I drove down to Aiken, South Carolina to a plant sale and had a lovely time exploring. (And got caught up in tornado warnings and power outages!) We were quite interested in the native varieties the nursery had on offer. We did not buy this beauty, but one very like it which blooms in the Fall and has a scent! It will not be a bush, but a tree that may grow to 10′. The other one we bought is slightly smaller and will have yellow, fragrant flowers.

Gorgeous rhodo

Though they were not offered for sale, the nursery had many mountain laurels in full bloom. I just love them. As a little girl, I went to camp in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and the mountain laurels would be blooming in the woods when my parents dropped me off in June. Such a yummy pink…

Mountain laurel

And back in our yard, can you see Papa Bluebird with a special, wiggly delivery? One of our neighbors gave us a bluebird home for Christmas and as soon as we got it up, the couples were investigating. There is just nothing like the intense blue flash of this guy in flight.

Special delivery

And look at this – – – strawberries! I grew up in Pennsylvania and my grandparents’ strawberries were ripe in time for my mother’s birthday in the beginning of June! I must admit these are not the best berries I’ve eaten and I think it’s because of all the rain. Think I’ll wait to buy more until we have a few more sunny days in a row to sweeten them up. But still – yum!

First strawberries

And again, we always hoped the roses would be out for Mom’s birthday, and the first rose opened on Sunday. There are snow peas on the little vines and I am planting tomatoes and veggies and annuals everywhere.

First rose

I just wonder what May will bring?




6 thoughts on “The Pleasures of April in South Carolina

    • It is gorgeous now, but I bet in a month I will be hot and sweaty and complaining! I am enjoying the earlier Spring though. Moving from PA to MA we found Spring very slow to arrive… And IL was much worse!


    • Does the lake make you colder or warmer? In IL, our proximity to Lake Michigan actually made us warmer in the Winter and cooler in the Summer…another lake effect effect! This has been an up and down month – we’ve had the air on and off as well as the heat.


  1. That sounds like a great nursery to wander through! I didn’t know that azaleas could grow that tall or have a fragrance. Won’t that be pretty to see when it’s mature? I bet it’s cool to see the bluebirds. Once in a while I’ll see one in the mountains while hiking, but they are rare. Enjoy your gardening!!


    • The one azalea has already bloomed, but I am looking forward to the Fall blooming one and will try to post a picture. There’s so much that’s new here, as far as plants and wildlife. Makes it fun!


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