Road Trip: Myrtle Beach

We read a good bit about what is going on in Myrtle Beach SC in our local paper. People either love it or hate it and we decided to check it out for ourselves before the Summer hoards descend, although many friends and neighbors advised against it! The first weekend in May seemed like a safe time – the week before Harley Bike Week when things definitely get crazy. We stayed in a hotel on the beach, nine floors up and had such a great view… and such wonderful sounds…

Myrtle Beach

We had perfect weather all weekend, which was so nice after my rainy and cold Florida getaway. We spent a lot of time wandering up and down the beach. It’s not a good spot for shell collecting, but I so enjoyed watching kids making their sand castles and digging. There is nothing else like fooling around with sand and water and buckets and shovels and their total absorption was a pleasure to see.

Sand castle

There were a lot of very large jellyfish washed up on the beach. They are aptly named Cannonball Jellyfish. Wow – – – the ones I remember from the New Jersey Shore are tiny clear ones. We actually saw these guys swimming in the salt marshes at Murrell’s Inlet further down the coast.

Jelly fish

We spent an afternoon there, wandering around and checking out the wildlife and the beach homes. We also enjoyed a few beers with Mr. Brown Pelican who was hunting for some lunch. I’ve seen a good many pelicans on trips to Florida, but never one so close and hunting. He had a deceptively sleepy look until something delicious caught his eye.

Mr Brown Pelican

The nightlife was fun. Myrtle Beach has a small boardwalk which includes the requisite skee ball machines, a favorite of Peter’s! Then we discovered some very old pinball machines that play baseball. They were made in the 1950’s and are called “pitch and bat”. The ball comes out and you whack it and depending on what hole it goes into, the tiny players run the bases. Can you see them? It was a lot of fun!

Baseball pinball

A few of the rides were open, and there were enough people and souped up cars cruising Ocean Boulevard to give the evenings a festive feel. (Myrtle Beach has something like 60 miles of beautiful beaches and the amount of people who go there in the Summer is actually pretty scary!)

Night lifeOne of our “things” since we moved to South Carolina is to catch the moonrise over Lake Robinson on our deck. As it turned out, Sunday night was the full moon which we watched rising over the ocean.

Full moon Myrtle Beach


It was a good getaway and fun to explore a new place!

4 thoughts on “Road Trip: Myrtle Beach

  1. Your photos really capture the variety there! I’ve never been to Myrtle Beach but now I have a feel for it–I think I’d love the beach but not love the crowds. Does it get mobbed in the winter, too? It seems I hear a lot of people talking about getting away from our cold by going there.


    • MB is very popular and rated very high on places like Trip Advisor. I’m not sure about the Winter… as I said there were a “nice” amount of people around and a nice amount of things going on. I think we may explore further down the coast next time. Murrell’s Inlet and Pawley’s Island and south are called something like the Hammock area, because it’s quieter there. But it was like what I remember of the Jersey Shore so enjoyable!


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  3. Those jellyfish are completely harmless. I’ve fished with them and handle them all the time. Your article is well written and you have great photos. The winter is still a great time to come down


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