Fun Creativity Memes

I was fooling around on Pinterest this morning, checking out the people who have re-pinned my pins. Chances are good that if they like some of mine, I will like some of theirs. I came across some very funny sayings, or “memes” as they seem to be called now. I usually don’t get into sayings, particularly all the Keep Calm ones (just don’t get the fascination with them) but this one made me laugh out loud. Is this true for you or just me? Part of it is finding things I’d forgotten about, but the other part is that I get bored with cleaning and putting away and have to start making something.


I loved paste… And it was paste, not glue. Art teachers out there – do you still use it? I distinctly remember the taste and smearing it on whatever paper project that I was working on. It was very thick and when exposed to air, it got very gloppy. Then it cracked when it dried if you used too much. It was pretty unsatisfactory really, but it did taste good.


If you’ve missed me, it’s gardening season here and I am planting and weeding and searching out wonderful new plants at garden centers and mulching and helping Peter get the remains of two possums with a suicide pact out of the pool! I’m not doing much indoors except some cross stitch at night. Sounds like many of your are enjoying your long overdue Spring weather and flowers. It’s a happy time of the year!

2 thoughts on “Fun Creativity Memes

    • That’s true! I found out last year that if plants get put in too late, they don’t do well in the heat… It’s been so interesting to read about Spring coming to other parts of the US. I feel like next year we should all post the first daffodil picture in our different climates!


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