North Carolina Quilt Symposium {and winners!}

I have not had a quilt show to report on for quite some time and I was so pleased to attend this one…

Last Saturday Peter and I drove up to Flat Rock NC so that I could check out the quilt show put on by the North Carolina Quilt Symposium. I discovered the event while Googling something else. It’s an annual event and next year I believe it will be in the Raleigh area. They had very good teachers and vendors this year so I will be sure to look for it next year.

The quilt show was not a big one but there were many quilts that I enjoyed. This is Nineveh by Linda Voltz, quilted by Deb Beaver. It consists of 12 modified star blocks, which are foundation pieced. I assume Linda drafted them herself.


Here is a close-up of one of the stars. She has drafted two different points, can you see? One is a wonky sort of flying geese pattern and the other a traditional sort of pointy shape. I like it!

Ninevah star detail

Isn’t this stunning? I believe it’s a Judy Niemeyer Christmas tree skirt pattern that Ira L. Inman modified to make a wall hanging. It was quilted by Karen Rathmell. Ira named it Celebration. I would love to see where she hangs it in her home.


I thought this quilt looked vaguely familiar and when I read the tag, I realized why. It was designed by Sue Nickels and Pat Holly for The Quilt Show  2013 block of the month. This is called Solitaire and was made by Connie Griner. The design is so typical of “the Holly girls”, whose work I really admire. The folk art quality of the design really sings to me.


I think this is quite an elegant quilt with wonderful use of color to create the three-dimensional look. Susan Mimkin calls it Elliptical Staircase and it is her own design for a guild challenge. I hope she won!

Elliptical Staircase

This beautiful thread painted quilt is called Daisagi by Chris Eichner. She enjoyed looking at white egrets on a trip and created this quilt.


There was a baby quilt contest and there were two that caught my eye. This geisha one is very cute with a wonderful use of fabric.

Baby Geisha quilt

And this tiny fan quilt is a treasure. Sorry, there were no names because of the contest.

Baby Fan quilt

This miniature log cabin quilt is named Cabin Fever. Judy Lilly said on her tag that she had made a large version of this pattern some years ago and decided to design a smaller version. The cabin scene is hand painted. It is a very nice piece. {I cannot tell you what any of the ribbons are for because they did not say!}

Cabin Fever

Giveaway Results:

Since not many people threw their comments in the ring, I dug through my Asian stash and found some more Hmong reverse appliqué squares. Peter chose the names from a hat and I will send pictures to each person to choose the square they would like, since your e-mails are attached to your comment. I hope you enjoy your little square and please let me know if you make a project with it!   ;-D

  1. Paige
  2. Kerry
  3. Gayle
  4. Molly
  5. Laura
  6. Margaret

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