The Disappearing Reds!!!

Decorators always talk about the transformative nature of paint and what a cheap fix it is. If you all thought the powder room re-do was a dramatic one, check out these pictures!!!

Here is the dining room. The dark red coupled with the bright white trim (and the awful air conditioner intake thing-y) was jarring. And I must admit that I have never seen anyone use the same color above and below a chair rail. The red was from the first owner and I don’t know how the previous owners could stand it.

Dreary Diningroom

My plan was to paint above the chair rail with a pale gray and then wallpaper underneath. Ha! All of the wallpapers that I like are terrifically expensive. {sigh} New plan is to see if they go on sale or do some stenciling myself. Peter is voting for stenciling and that would be fun and unique.

More red dining room

So for the moment we also have the same color above and below the chair rail, which is SW On The Rocks. Is this not amazing??? So cool and calm and crisp. I can’t wait to buy a new light fixture and decide whether to re-upholster the chairs or find new ones. For now, I am just SO happy looking at it.

On The Rocks grey!

Moving to the livingroom. There are no lights of any kind in here (just wall outlets) and it was dark, dark, dark. At night this red turned almost black, and not a cozy black but a black hole sort of black!

Red livingroom

I wanted the Indian rug to move in here, so I sampled colors to work with it. I had to paint some primer white first so that I could actually see the samples!

Livingroom paint samples

I chose the middle one, SW Biltmore Buff, and love the color. I couldn’t adjust the color properly – it’s more of a creamy yellow in the light we get (the windows face west) and the rug looks smashing in there. Now the room is so bright and warm without being too hot.

Biltmore Buff livingroom

The cats are always intrigued when the furniture is moved. The same piece takes on a whole new aspect when it’s not in the usual spot.

Gizmo exploringNow there’s only one more red room to re-do!

6 thoughts on “The Disappearing Reds!!!

  1. Very nice, Deb. (I agree about the light fixture in the dining room.) I see my future here. I received the squares. Thank you! I think that, depending on the house we pock, I may frame them. Right now they’re conversation fodder as I haven’t moved them very far from the kitchen. We’re (Of course, I mean me) packing in earnest now. The plan is for Elisabeth and I to leave on the 25th, take 5-7b days to get there, and then acquire a furnished apartment, a PO box, and a storage unit for all the crap coming on the truck. Tom will leave around August 4th with the dog; it’s the planned-on closing date.And news! I managed to revamp my site. It’s not completed yet, but the blog’s just up. Follow along please. 🙂


    • Glad to hear from you Laura! I was afraid you’d moved and not let all of your followers know. I look forward to hearing ALL about it….and I did not expect you, of anyone, to do anything with your squares. I know you have many more important things to do right now. ;-D


  2. Oh, wow! What an improvement! I couldn’t live with that intense color (red or whatever) on the walls–I really like the choices you made! Did it take 100 coats to cover the red?!


    • Thanks Kerry. It is such a great change, I am still smiling about it.I was surprised – I expected the painter to start with a primer but she did not! She used only two coats of Sherwin Williams and I did look carefully for shadowing! She says it’s all about the quality of the paint you use. I am planning to use SW Knitting Needle (love the name!), which is a shade darker for more of the house in January. The beige/latte color looks kinda dirty now.


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