Itchin’ to Stitch!

I have been working outside for months. Not complaining, just saying. It’s so hot now, I keep thinking I won’t work outside so much, but the gardens call to me, there’s always something to do or pick! I go into the studio to read e-mail, write posts and browse Pinterest, but I miss creating. At times like this I need a mindless sewing project. I did a little shopping at one of the quilt shows I recently attended and picked out all these cool, pale batiks. I am always very influenced by where we live and all this hot weather makes me want to have cool colors around me. Aren’t they wonderful?


So what do I mean by mindless sewing? Something I can do for a few minutes and then move on. I decided on a double nine patch. I’ve had some ideas floating around in my head for a new quilt for our bedroom. A coooool quilt! Here are some nine patches mindlessly sewn… ;-D

Lots of nine patches!

And here are a few double nine patches sewn together. I know that you can’t see the background fabric I am using in the double nines. I bought it quite awhile ago – it has small concentric circles in pale grey or green. I know it reads like white, but it’s not white. I rarely use white.

Some Double Nines

So I had a bunch of squares done and thought I should get on EQ7 to decide on a layout. That’s what I like best to do with that software is play with layouts. In The Dark Ages, I colored patterns on graph paper, which I really still like to do. Then I would give them to Peter who would photocopy them in the office. When he brought them home, I would cut the squares out and lay them all over the floor and ponder ideas. And then one of the cats (Widget or Schminky in those days) would run through and that would be that!

Here is one idea, a horizontal layout. Lots of double nines and lots of empty squares for something. The double nines are about 14″ and all the quilt designs are drawn to be about 84″. The top of the bed is about 60″ so I want the quilt to look nice on that space.

Master bedroom quilt idea 2

And here are the double nines on point. I am always surprised at how different this looks and how the math changes. Geometry – not my best subject!

Masterbedroom quilt idea 4

In this version, the top and sides of the queen sized bed would be covered with the double nines. In the one above, the nine double nines { ;-D } would be centered on the top of the bed with a lot of background around them. It is almost like a medallion type design. The blank lavender squares will have something in them as well, which I will think about once I choose the layout.

Masterbedroom quilt idea 3

So as I piece and garden and swim, I can think about what layout I like. What are your thoughts???





9 thoughts on “Itchin’ to Stitch!

  1. Hmmm, I’m leaning towards the on-point version with the 9 blocks. But then again, if you do the 20-block verion, you would have more color in the drop. Either way, the colors are dreamy!


  2. It’s hot here, too, and setting up a sewing machine in front of the AC sounds very appealing! Your colors are wonderful and I’ve always loved the traditional, homey look of the nine patch. I’ll be interested to watch this progress!


  3. My thoughts always lean toward large open areas for stitching designs. But that’s because I’m a machine quilter. I like the straight version with the borders.


    • I know you follow along here so you know I’m not a great machine quilter, but I aspire to be! The big open spaces will be some sort of appliqué, though machine appliqué is not my forte’ either…


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