Bedroom Quilt Middle Plans

Now that I have chosen the on-point quilt design, it didn’t take me long to choose what to put in the four middles. I had a similar design with empty squares saved in EQ7 using wheels in that area. I added the wheels in the center of this quilt to take a look.

Quilt with Middles

Next I wondered if I should add more wheels and was surprised to see that EQ7 cropped the circles! I like it but the design is very different; very busy. I like the medallion look of the top design.

More middles

The wheel I chose has 16 spokes, which means I can use 16, 8, 4 or 2 different fabrics. I auditioned some color ideas for backgrounds as well as wheels this morning and I think 4 different fabrics is plenty of variation. I want the wheels to be brighter than the nine patches, but just how bright remains to be seen.

Wheel one color ideas


Choosing fabrics is fun, but time-consuming. This quilt is going to be on our bed and I will be looking closely at it many times a day! Because I am a colorist, { a descriptor I have seen many people using recently}, where each color lies is enormously important. The last thing Peter wants to hear as we climb into bed is, “Do you think I should have used a blue-green instead there of the yellow-green?”!

2 thoughts on “Bedroom Quilt Middle Plans

  1. That looks great! The quilt software is very cool. I’ve never used it although I’m experimenting with weaving software. I am so looking forward to seeing this quilt progress!


    • Do post about the weaving software! I used to color graph paper when figuring out drafts and how they would look. I used to color graph paper for quilting as well and I still do sometimes. Colored pencils….graph paper…mesmerizing…


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