It Came to Me In A Flash…

I was getting ready for bed the other night and the idea just popped in my head and I thought, “Yes, it’s time. I’m not going to write a daily dose of fiber anymore”!

I started this blog when I was feeling lonely. We were stuck where we were with the downturn and I had no friends and few creative outlets. I hoped when I started to write that I would find some like-minded people, and I did. I also discovered that writing the blog often helped me think out a project and come up with better ideas and approaches.

With this move, I find myself near-ish  my brother, an old and dear High School friend, and soon a friend I made when we lived in Singapore will be moving somewhere in the Carolinas. Our neighborhood is full of nice people who stop and chat with me when I’m walking or out in the yard. Life here is good.

Those of you who have your own blogs know that it can take a lot of work to come up with ideas and then write and photograph. {Peter called me his “cub reporter”.} I have really enjoyed it, but these days I’m wanting to dig in the yard and fuss with plants and create in the studio. We love living on the lake and have so many fun new places to explore in the Southeast.

A big thank you to those who followed a daily dose of fiber; I appreciate your interest. And an even bigger thank you to those who commented and let me know that you were paying attention or had an opinion; I loved hearing from you.

So – take care y’all!





15 thoughts on “It Came to Me In A Flash…

  1. I’ll miss your posts. I wish you wouldn’t go but I get it though. Life changes and we move on. I’m thinking the same thing these days about my quilting blog. My focus has changed and my new frugal living blog has more traffic. You take care as well.


    • I’d better check that out! I didn’t realize that you had two blogs. I really thought about it and know I will miss the writing, but, well, it was time. I’ll be following you…


    • We’ll have to set up a date sometime! The flowers are all falling over now and looking a bit worse for wear but there are still plenty to pick. Thanks so much for your comments Paige…


  2. Well, I don’t like this one bit! It’s weird–a number of my blog pals seem to have reached the same decision recently and I’m feeling a little bereft. I do hope you’ll stop by occasionally and I will miss your posts!


    • Of course! You won’t be rid of me anytime soon. About a year ago several blogs that I liked stopped and there was no goodbye post. I am still wondering what happened. It’s a funny thing to do, to write something and shoot it out over cyberspace and hope someone reads it! You have such a great crew who read and respond to you. I was never able to get such a great group. Anyhow,thanks for finding me!


      • I’ve had favorite bloggers just stop without saying goodbye–I hate that! I’m glad you gave us some warning so I didn’t have to worry. And I’m secretly hoping that, after you’ve had a break, you’ll miss writing and blogging and be back!


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