Seasonal Projects – Finished!

I began a set of four seasonal cross stitch samplers by the very wonderful  Birds of a Feather some time ago, I’m not sure when! I got this one out in January and finished it up, and then continued throughout this year. I’m very proud of myself.

Birds of a Feather Holiday Seasons

As you may remember, I just love these quirky patterns and the brown background is fun to work on, though a bit hard to see. This pattern is still available – buy here. All of them are now framed and I tried all over the house but could not find a place or a way to photograph them without reflection, so here is the pattern so you can see them all!

Birds of a Feather Pattern

I enjoy changing pictures and artwork on the walls. I began doing seasonal projects when we lived in Singapore in 1993 and 1994. Singapore is about 50 miles from the Equator and the weather there is hot and humid most of the time. The “locals” say “same-same. It is a bit depressing for those of us used to four seasons. I started a Prairie Schooler cross stitch pattern and then sewed it in the middle of a quilt square. And I did more and more. The squares are not finished; I staple them on to a stretcher frame and hang them up at the proper time.

Turkey cross stitch quilt square

Before I began quilting, I was an avid cross stitcher and thought it would be fun to combine both crafts.

Watermelon cross stitch quilt square

I was a very new quilter then, and it was fun to leaf through my pattern books and find and draft a quilt square that enhanced the cross stitch.

Rabbit cross stitch quilt square

There are a few “holes” – – – I haven’t made any new squares for quite awhile. I need February and May and July, I think.

Santa cross stitch quilt square

Perhaps when I have some spare time and no other projects to work on, I’ll get out my box of cross stitch patterns and do a new one!  ;-D

9 thoughts on “Seasonal Projects – Finished!

    • Thank you! Maybe you should do like I did and dig around in your cross stitch basket and perhaps you’ll find something you want to finish. I don’t allow myself to buy new patterns because at the rate I complete them, I’ll have to live to be 100!


    • Since you read my blog you know I am the Queen of Unfinished Projects, so I was pleased to complete the little foursome. I’m trying to decide whether to hang them all together or one at a time. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. These are all great! I like the cross stitch designs you choose–so many designs I’ve seen are very fussy. And I love the idea of combining the stitching and the quilt panels! Congrats on finishing!


  2. I love seeing projects that combine embroidery and quilting! It is a lot of fun to change up the quilts/decorations for the seasons, and it gives us a good reason to make more quilts 😉


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