Mission Accomplished!

The Santa bits and I arrived in the Philadelphia area on Thursday and my niece and her son and I worked on making them several times during the weekend. Griffin is diligently painting his guy. Don’t be alarmed – his face is covered because we did them first and I was afraid that he might get red paint on it!Griffin paints

Here are the Santas, close to completion. I worried about them making the faces (I worried when I made the faces!) but I think they did a good job. It’s fun to see the cloth dollies become Santa.

Santa faces!

Santa-making went fairly well. Everyone is so busy and we always have to fit work times in between all the weekend activities. The best part was when my niece and I sat down together (just like old times) while her husband was putting up outdoor lights, the boy was napping and the dog had finally stopped barking and was asleep in his bed. She was applying the wonderful curly Lincoln sheep’s wool for Santa’s facial hair.

Kim working on beard

Several other Santas had to be removed to make space on the mantle, but here is her creation.

Kim's Santa Claus

6 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished!

    • It wasn’t as hard as I thought and they did have two chances to get it looking the way they wanted! They are actually drawn on with colored pencil! And with the beard and eye brows, if the eyes are off a bit it’s not noticeable. You’re right – I love making things and it’s even more fun with others.


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