A Trip Down Memory Lane – to Singapore

Peter and I lived in various parts of Asia (Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo) in the 1990’s and had the best time doing so! It was a very sad day for me when we returned to the US and became normal people again. Being an Expat was an exciting experience and I loved the adventures I had when living Overseas. I had not been back to Asia since our move in 1999 and we finally decided to get back there and revisit our old haunts. We went while I was not blogging and I thought I would share a few pictures with you.

Singapore was in the throes of the annual Fall smoke. It happened when we lived there as well and it’s pretty unpleasant. Malaysia and Indonesia burn (accidentally or on purpose, one never knows) fields and forests and the smoke blows and covers Singapore with an eerie haze. Here is the view from our 13th floor hotel room on Orchard Road.

Foggy Singapore

On our first day we wandered all around and at lunchtime we found ourselves in Boat Quay by the Singapore River. We had yummy Indian food while admiring the majestic government buildings and the grey, smokey skies overhead. Same same there!

Boat Quay

What has happened to Singapore since we left – plenty! On the main shopping street, Orchard Road, there are a group of preserved shophousese; buildings that have shops on the bottom and homes on the top. Look who moved into this bunch! I couldn’t believe how many American business are there now.  Singapore is really all grown up with huge numbers of high rises, an unbelievable number of restaurants and very high-end stores as well as two casinos and an amusement park.

Singapore C&B shophouse

This is a whole new area of the island. They were busy filling in this area of shoreline when we lived there and we saw trucks with soil arriving from Malaysia daily. This is the botanic garden area. I thought the trees in the background looked an awful lot like the trees in Avatar! We were walking through the gardens to get to the new location of the Satay Club.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Satay is a classic Singaporean dish with a delicious peanut sauce. We got an assortment of chicken and lamb and beef with a refreshing glass of lime juice.


Little India looks festive no matter what the season! It also seemed as we remembered; lots of restaurants, amazing jewelry stores and (often) ladies still dressed in lovely saris.

Little India, Singapore

And of course Singapore is always mindful of your safety! They don’t want any accidents when you are visiting…

Squatter toilet


3 thoughts on “A Trip Down Memory Lane – to Singapore

  1. How lucky you were to be able to live in such a place and not only visit as tourists! And to go back and see the changes, and the similarities, must’ve been fascinating as well. Did you still feel like it was “home,” in a way?


    • Perhaps if we had gone back years ago, but it seemed so different! The “ethnic” feel of it; the mix of Indians, Chinese and Malays, many dressing in their native clothing, was really gone, though maybe they were walking underground! And there were less food stalls, which is the first thing I think of – the amazing smells of exotic food cooking. It really felt quite Hong Kong-ish. I’m glad to have gone back and now I don’t long for it so much…the Expat lifestyle is very fun.


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