January Begins…

Normally on the first week of the year, I drift around the house wondering where to start dismantling Christmas and what trouble I can get in after a long spell of doing little in the studio. January is my quiet time and I love the cold and having to stay indoors… But this year, I’ve been working hard as we are having a great deal of the house painted, what I call “the public areas”, the great room, halls, stairwells. Most of the ceiling in those places needs to be repaired and painted as well; some of the drywall is cracking in the corners. This paint is the original paint from the original owners, so it is 17 years old. It sure looks dingy and nicked up. Instead of getting back to projects, I have been taking down things on the walls, patching holes (the last painters did not patch!) and moving furniture out-of-the-way. I am so looking forward to the color which is changing from a latte to Knitting Needle, SW7672, which is a darker shade of the dining room.  I love painting and a fresh coat of paint surely is a great start to the year.

High dormers

The ceiling in the great room is very high, so we have asked the painter to clean the dormer windows and change the lightbulbs! The painters are licensed and bonded, so if he falls, it’s fine. If Peter falls doing those tasks, then we are in big trouble.

The cats are a bit un-nerved by the activity and furniture moving and react in different ways. Jasmine is bored by the whole thing and annoyed that she is cooped up in a bedroom and can’t make friends with the painters! Gizmo is terrified and cowering under the bed, poor guy. He spent a good deal of last night howling because his cat tower is now in the wrong spot.

Bored Jasmine

I am working around the edges of the confusion and activity. I bet all of us less than organized fiber people begin January by cleaning their work areas. I do this every year, with varying results. This year, I am hoping to do better and I think I may succeed. My Pfaff is at the repair shop getting her check-up so I cannot sit down and sew for a bit… and get into trouble… and lose track of time…

In other happy news, the weather is cold (for SC) again and the flannel sheets are back on the bed. Not only has the weather been unseasonably warm, it has been raining like crazy! Sunday’s paper gave me the answer I was looking for – we’ve had about 30″ of rain during the last three months of the year. Yow!

Back to working on the studio and spying on the painters…


6 thoughts on “January Begins…

  1. I’ve never used the words “love” and “painting” in the same sentence! I do like the results but I HATE doing it! You sound very ready for our fresh 2016 start. I hope the cats aren’t too undone by the chaos!


    • I really DO love to paint and am happy to do it when I can reach with a normal stepladder. The great room has the first coat on and looks amazing! I am delighted! Everything upsets poor Gizmo; he will live. I see you have a thread cat! Jasmine likes to get into mine as well…


      • Thread cats are dangerous as you can’t tell if they are eating it! They are second only to toilet paper cats. I had one of those and would come home from work to find shredded TP! It was funny the first few times…


  2. Glad to see you’re back. 🙂 I’m laughing because I’ve been pestering Tom about painting we need to do here in the bedrooms and baths. The main body of the house is done, and we like the colors, but the bedrooms and baths are white! It’s like being in a hotel, not a place we own.


    • Wait till you see – the new color is amazing! And now the house is feeling likes ours; I know exactly what you mean. Color is so important to me! It’s such a wonderful start to the New Year.


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