How I love Painting!

I have another great before and after picture for you! It’s interesting looking at these two photos together. I took them in the afternoon when there is no direct sun in the great room. The latte one looks much lighter than it was.

Latte color

The latte looks fine but isn’t Knitting Needles amazing? It looks almost white, but it is a light value of grey. And it’s a very neutral grey, without green or yellow; probably with a blue-ish cast.

Knitting Needles great room

It was a lovely misty, foggy day on the lake when the first coat was finished, and the grey around the picture window framed it beautifully. And when the trees leaf out in Spring, it will be wonderful as well. The white trim looks crisp and I am going to enjoy adding colors to the room (and the halls and stairways too!). I am very affected by the colors where ever we live and I was thinking that I wouldn’t have painted the Illinois house grey. Not sure why, but the beige based colors were better. Here I want clearer colors.

Naughty me, I have a new project going. It is colder here and I am knitting a hat. I made one in Illinois, but I bet I threw it away thinking I wouldn’t need it here. This photo has eye candy for my weaving friends! This is my antique pine tree and snowflake coverlet, which is one of my all time favorite patterns.

Knitted hat

The dust is settling from the painting and repair work and I am vacuuming and dusting and we’re re-arranging furniture. This is the perfect way to begin the New Year!

6 thoughts on “How I love Painting!

  1. I’m right there with you moving the furniture. Starting to think about the painting, but we did so much of it last year, that I think I’m scarred. Maybe I can convince Tom that we should gire someone. The ceilings here are really high.


    • I love to paint myself, but when we hired professionals as I was preparing the IL house for sale, I was delighted! If you have walls not in very good shape, as we did there, they can make them look amazing. (We had texture, skip troweling, in CO, which I loved. Do you in NM?) It’s quick and easy, assuming you find someone you like. Be sure to sample, sample, sample! The light in NM will be much different than in MA!)


    • I love them, hate them…. I am planning to paint the back of them a contrasting color; I’m not sure if you can see the paint chips. In the house I grew up in, there were two corner cupboards in the dining room. It was years before I noticed that my mother had the backs of them painted a pale, pale peach. It made her ivy china sing. I think a peach will make the blue and whites sing as well and make it all a bit less traditional. Unfortunately the shelves have seen wear and they need to be painted and that won’t be fun!


  2. The new color does look fabulous! Although I can’t share your enthusiasm for painting, I can be impressed with the results! And that overshot coverlet looks wonderful (nice knitting, too!)!


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