Procrastination – Sometimes A Good Thing!

There are UFO’s in several closets and I rummaged around last week to find this quilt for our bedroom which I was calling the double nine patch. Sometime ago, I picked out the background fabric and then tucked it away a closet.

Double nine patch background

Procrastination was a good thing in the case of this quilt, because a few weeks ago, Peter and I bought a new mattress. The old one was 25 years old!!! The sales lady kept explaining the features of all the mattresses on sale and we just looked at her, because ours was so basic. The men who came to bring the new one and take away the old one had been doing that job for 20 years. “I’ve never seen a mattress like this one!” they told us. (Needless to say, we are very much enjoying our comfortable new mattress.)

The point of all this is that the new box springs are much smaller, but the mattress is much, much thicker; so much so that the quilt we’re using does not tuck in at the bottom. It’s annoying because it means that every morning the bed needs to be completely re-made. Thus new quilt needs to be a good bit larger.

I put the pieces I’d already sewn on the mattress and moved them around and determined that the best thing to do is to make 9 wheels, instead of 4. Using the original design, there would have too much border. So back to the machine I go…

Nine wheels


8 thoughts on “Procrastination – Sometimes A Good Thing!

  1. Love the colors! Laughing, though, because last year Tom and I bought a new mattress after 23 years. These new pillow-tops don’t fit the old sheets or quilts. pain in the butt!


    • Ahhhhh – I have a bad feeling that many old sheets are not going to be useabale. So far the sheets I’ve used are newish ones… We still have an older pillow top in the guest room and all the sheets fit on that one!


  2. Oh, good–more reasons to procrastinate! Like I need any! I simply love this quilt and cannot wait to see more of it. I am so glad it’s going to work for the new mattress!


  3. I agree. I recently procrastinated on insulated curtains for the bedroom, which we greatly needed for the winter. I hung a blanket instead, and worked on other projects. Last summer, I realised instead of sizing them 50/50 like the window, I needed to size them 40/60 to block out the sunlight around the window fan so I could go to sleep before the sun went down. I got busy and made them to my newly discovered requirements, and they’re awesome now!


    • That’s funny! I am still so glad that the quilt isn’t made the wrong size… And I need to get to making it. The new mattress, as well as being thicker, is SO heavy that I can barely make the bed alone. Comfy though!


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