More About the Woven Runner/mats

When I first wove rag runners many, many years ago, I would sit at the sewing machine and sew the strips together on the diagonal, as I would for a quilt binding. When I had a fat ball, I’d wind it on a shuttle and weave. At some point I realized though it wasn’t as tidy-looking, it was much faster to cut and overlap the fabric pieces as I go. It’s also more fun to weave because I can place the colors where I want them.

Splicing rag strips

Look at that fat roll of runners on the beam! And look at the floor around the loom! I usually don’t tidy up until the project is finished.

Woven runners, scraps

This second runner wasn’t as much fun to weave as the first one. I loved these sunny Summer colors when I picked them out of my fabric bags, but the weaving of it was boring. Luckily it looks happy on the table. This is the kitchen table and Peter and I sit across from each other the long way. With the shrinkage, this one is just long enough so the fringe hangs down…

Kitchen table runner/may

The strips are cut 2″ wide which is what I use on the floor as well. It’s a good thickness for sturdy runner/mats, but I really like to use 1″ strips for a more “elegant” feel. A good width to make these mats is 17″ – 18″ wide so that the plate and napkin and silverware are on the mat. And the fringe should hang over the edge but not be so long that it sits in your lap and you pull the runner off when you stand up. ;-D


4 thoughts on “More About the Woven Runner/mats

    • It’s fun to do, though not as popular as it was long ago. There is a lot of math involved and the looms and acoutrement can be expensive! But I’m sure you can find someone to teach you using a backstrap loom or a rigid heddle. It would be a good start.


  1. You persuaded me to continue ignoring the fuss about sewing rags together. Like you, I taper and overlap the ends, and grab one strip at a time, depending on which I want to weave next.


    • There are always controversies, aren’t there? Warping back-to-front or front-to-back is one that makes me laugh. I really do like the shaggy look of the overlapped ends and it’s much more interesting to choose the colors as you go. Good to hear from you! ;-D

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