A Savannah Getaway

We just got back from a long weekend in Savannah. It had been some time since we’d both been there and we had a lovely time wandering around and eating and drinking too much. We stayed at the East Bay Inn, which was a gorgeous place! The building started out as a cotton warehouse and the ceilings in our room were 20 feet high and the original brick walls were exposed.

East Bay Inn

This amazing thing was in the lobby area. I have no idea what it was for – I thought it might be a vase but the inside of the bowl is intricately painted. I loved it! The decor of the hotel was very Southern with a lot of chinoiserie, and dramatic yellow and red walls.

Chinoserie thing!

One of the most amazing things about the design of Savannah, which was a planned city, are the series of squares. They are well used and any time of day or night there are people sitting in them enjoying the shade and breezes, or perhaps a plastic cup of beer or wine or a margarita! The huge tress in them have been so well-kept. Look at this lovely canopy.

Savannah trees

The air was scented with the smell of jasmine, which was growing everywhere.

Jasmine arch


The old buildings by the river are a mish-mash of stones and bricks and shells. I wonder if they were repaired or constructed that way and the paint wore away. The peeling paint on the door was some shade of pink, but who knows what it may have originally been.

Old buildings

I did not take a lot of pictures of buildings, but the old Cotton Exchange is spectacular! It is down the street from the one above. They all look over River Street where lots of commerce used to take place. Now the street is filled with restaurants and bars and shops. Savannah is still a major container port and it is quite surprising to see a gigantic container ship sail down the river.

The Cotton Exchange

And here’s a place to put on your list of where-to-eat in Savannah! Leopold’s is known for its ice cream and the line is very long each night. Located across the street from one of the many Savannah College of Art & Design buildings, it’s worth the wait. Peter suggests Peanut Butter Chippy and I recommend Caramel Swirl…


6 thoughts on “A Savannah Getaway

    • Savannah is one of the Southern cities that looks like we Northerners think it “should” with lots of drippy Spanish moss and old, old buildings. It was jammed with young women – not sure why! Savannah and Charlotte are probably the equivalent of Boston, if you know what I mean.


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