Fiddling with Color

I promised myself that when I started making the extra 5 wheels for the enlarged quilt design, that I wouldn’t be too fussy. As I said in the last post about this – my plan was to quickly pick colors and sew them. Ha! With the wheels done, I thought I should assemble everything on the design wall and give it a look. Ha again!

Double Nine Patch mock-up

The wheel in the bottom row, middle, bothers me. Even Peter noticed it when he eyed my progress the other day. It’s not that I need them to match or I would have used the same fabrics for each wheel. But that one sticks out! Why? I finally decided that it was the yellow that offended me and made the wheel way colder than the others. Truth be told, most of the wheels are not in my “color comfort zone”. I have been purposely trying to make them cool and not as ferociously bright as I usually make my quilts.

Wrong colors...

One of these oranges looks like it will help that wheel be friendlier with the others…

Better color...

The topic of being too fussy and re-doing projects is often kicked around by those of us who make things. I have learned over the years, that if it bothers me, it bothers me and it had better come out! The last thing Peter wants to hear before we get into bed is “Why didn’t I change that wheel? I do not like the colors!”.

Once I sew this wheel, I am going to stop being overly critical of the others and get the double nine patches done.

What are you ripping out today???

9 thoughts on “Fiddling with Color

  1. Agreed. I already have put enough pieces in the landfill in my life, now I slow down and think more. What’s the hurry, I have as much time as anyone else today…You were smart to think about that circle – it was the only one with the coolest yellow and did stand out a bit much. It’s fascinating to see how one tiny color change and bring things together.


    • Do you weave and un-weave a lot in your work? You haven’t really mentioned it in your blog, but I wonder. I find it hard to know when a contrast is good or too much. I’m glad I caught this one! ;-D


  2. I,m doing a bedsheet rug right now with no real planning other than I have about 6 or 7 sheets (some straight colors; others with a pattern) I can choose to grab from at any time to create different sized rectanlges. The rectangles can’t repeat – that’s the only rule. It’s hard being so…free and unfussy. 🙂


    • I have a lot of trouble being randon; my sense of color really gets in the way. I know a lot of hookers and quilters who just grab a piece of fiber and stick it in. To me, there’s contrast and then just a glaring, jarring sort of movement…


  3. I have to admit, I thought you were over-thinking this, until I saw the difference the orange makes in the look of that wheel! Then I knew you were right! Amazing difference–now, get to those nine patches!!


    • Ha! That wheel was making my teeth ache. ;-D There’s another one that bothers me a bit, but I’m going to let it go or else I will change them all! And it will look a lot differently on the bed than on the wall. Rumpled up with a cat on it, everything will probably look great!


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