Summer Memories…

Kerry, who writes Love Those Hands at Home, recently shared an old photo and Summer memories from her childhood. She suggested that we do so as well. Easily done, as some years ago I digitalized a bunch of slides that my father took long ago. I so enjoy looking at them. Maybe you will enjoy a taste of a 1950’s country Summer.

I had a very happy childhood and feel so grateful for it. I was a pretty naughty little girl; I adored my brother, detested my sister and gave my mother fits. But when I was happy, I was really happy!

Debbie's tricycle

This is a priceless picture and I am so interested in it. My father had a complicated and heavy 35mm camera which my mother rarely touched. For some reason Dad must have wanted picture of he and my brother and I in the wading pool and made Mom be the photographer. There are several shots of him giving me a drink from the hose and squirting my belly and then this one! You can see how horrified my brother was and for good reason. I have no memory of this so I can’t say what happened next. I’m sure it was like A Christmas Story with my father saying “Oh fudge” many times!

Dad gets squirted

When I was a bit older, the Summer was all about going to my Grandparents’ pool. Their farm was behind our house and going there included seeing my favorite cousin. I can remember staying in the water so long that my lungs ached! I am on the right, enjoying the cool, cool water from the spring down the hill and probably refusing to come out.

Me & MLW

So – do any of my readers want to share happy Summer photos and link with Kerry and I? You don’t have to be as old as I am to post some fun pictures…

5 thoughts on “Summer Memories…

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    • Thanks! I’m still mulling over your post. You were much more rural than I was! When I was little, we lived about 1.5 hours from Philadelphia. When they finally finished I95, we were about 30 minutes!


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