The 21 Year Old Rug Update…

Because I have whined so much about the Vermont Shells hooked rug, I promised myself that I would not discuss the rug until it was done – but it is in the home stretch! While filling in some “holidays” and cutting ends, I was mulling over what sort of yarn to whip the edge with. And then I decided to make a braided edge. It will probably take longer, particularly as I don’t quite remember how to attach the braid, but it will be a lovely finish. {I’m so ready to be done with this rug…}

Here are some of the fabrics that I auditioned. The fabric on the left is the one that I used to hook the dark edge of the border, and I could certainly use three lengths of that, but braiding is much more interesting when several fabrics are used. The plain brown is the fabric I hooked around each of the clam shells and I liked the idea of adding some green, so I ripped 2″ strips of the first three wools and braided a quick sample.

Braid ideas

Sampling is important as it is impossible to know 1) how the fabrics will look when they are folded and braided and 2) how the braid will look against the rug. It looks pretty good.

Braid one

For the next sample I subtracted the plain brown and used the blue plaid. I liked the idea of echoing (in very dark values) the main colors of the shells. I like it!

Braid Two

Braiding is a good project to do while watching the Olympics because I can start and stop easily. {And can you believe the amount of commercials??? Holy Cow I am glad that we are watching a day behind. Peter says he is getting a sore thumb from fast forwarding and even with handwork it would drive me mad to watch so many inane commercials.}

The other project I am working on while viewing the Olympics is the Halloween Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. I haven’t worked on it in quite some time… It’s getting to be that time of year. Maybe I will try to finish it for Halloween of 2017… {It could happen.}

Halloween GFG

6 thoughts on “The 21 Year Old Rug Update…

  1. It looks like you have finished the hooking on the shell rug – congratulations! I love the idea of a braided border, and I think either of your wool combinations will look fine. There has to be a Rug Hooking Magazine article or two on braided edges that will explain how to attach the braided piece to the rug body. I also have a friend who took a class at Rock that focused on this very thing if you need some tips.


    • Hi Beth! Well….still trimming and filling in the holidays, but it’s close. I should have trimmed more as I hooked, but 3’s make such a mess when you cut them. I do it outside and let the wind take the fuzz away. I did take a class with Kris McDermott on braiding, but she backs the whole piece with another piece of wool and then adds tha braid! I think that’s okay for small things but I don’t like it for a rug. (She says she does that on all sizes of hooked pieces…) I’m thinking that I will fold the edge (can’t iron it cause it’s burlap) so there is a bit of a lip to lace the braid into and then sew on twill tape. Or maybe use a strip of wool like I’ve seen people do. I’m still thinking. Do you know what your friend did on the edge?


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