8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 8/31/16

    • Cats do love handmade rugs, of any kind! Years ago, I wove a rag rug for my sister. My cats, of course, spent lots of time on the rug as I was finishing it. She said her cat, when the rug was put on the floor, wrapped herself up in it and growled and scratched at it! Do you have rag rugs for your cats?


      • That’s a funny story about your sister’s cat! I have never woven a rug, rag or other–I’d like to try and my newest loom is big enough to be up to the challenge. But I think I’d freak if the cats started clawing at it! Aren’t you afraid they’ll create a long pull in your hooked rug?


      • It’s happened! They do not have front claws, but Jasmine likes to bite and do that kicking thing with her back feet and has pulled out some strips. I can re-hook them… I’m hoping when it is on the floor, she will be less interested.


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