Thread Problems

Last week I took a class at a quilt store. I was a good student and oiled my machine, changed the needle and wound bobbins before I went there. When I started sewing in class, I had nothing but problems! I was using Aurifil 50/2 and it did nothing but break. It’s always nice to take a class in a store, so I went out and bought a spool of Guterman 50. It worked well in class, but now that I am home sewing, it’s breaking like crazy. I’m using a dark color and I can see how uneven the thread looks as it spools out on the beige of the sewing machine.

I am using my trusty and reliable Pfaff 7530. It’s been recently serviced and I have threaded and re-threaded many times. The only other time I have had issues with threads breaking was when we lived in Singapore. Luckily the local quilt store owner knew just what the problem was – the humidity! It was so humid there that she said it made the cotton thread swell up and became too thick for some machines. The solution then was using cotton wrapped polyester thread. And back then, the favorite thread for quilters was Mettler, and I bought lots of it. Now I’ve heard that it isn’t the best quality.

So what do you like to use for piecing?

Calling all quilters!!! I need some suggestions.

11 thoughts on “Thread Problems

  1. Maybe you have a spur on your needle eye, did you change needles. My Bernina doesn’t like Sulky, it all ways breaks. I use the large spools of Star thread by Coats and never have any problems. Hope you find a solution soon.


    • Thanks! I changed the needle before class but hadn’t considered that as an issue. I will try that. And I have heard of Star thread; can’t rememebr who told me. (The Bernina I had did not like ANY thread!) I appreciate your suggestions!


  2. I hate when the sewing gremlins come for a visit. They seem to visit in a fierce streak and then they leave and you have changed nothing and have not a clue as to why they came a left. Some machines dislike certain threads and some machines cannot use just any universal needle they require brand specific needles. I hope you figure out your issue.


  3. This may not help you exactly but its worth a try. Thread has a left or a right twist. Even regular spools too. When I have problems with thread breaking I turn the cone or spool upside down so the twist is going the opposite direction. You could also take a marker and mark a line on the thread right where it comes off the cone or spool then watch it go through as you sew. Notice where the mark is when the thread breaks. This may at least tell where its happening. Hope this helps.

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  4. I do very little machine sewing and use only a Featherweight so I won’t be any help. But the kinds of problems you describe are part of the reason I do very little machine sewing! I get SO aggravated with all the things that ho haywire, I always just go back to my needle and my hands . . . .


    • I do love to hand piece but this quilt would be very nasty indeed to hand piece. Many, many seams! I work away at various Grandmother’s Flower garden quilts in progress and if it ever cools down here I will get out the top I am hand quilting. I have NO patience for things that go wrong for no reason. ;-D


    • Thank you SonJa! I will check them out. I know he lectures at all the big quilt shows. I did take quite a good seminar on threads but it was many years ago and I could use a refresher.


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