Patchwork Couch-Pillows

I have been eyeing these tiny  blue and white quilt pieces and feeling fairly sure that they weren’t going to become a quilt, but I’d pieced quite a lot and didn’t want to throw them out. One day genius struck and I took them downstairs to the new couch and these four squares fit perfectly on the (matching) (dull) pillows that came with the couch. Yippee!

Tiny Delectable Stars

This is something that I do frequently. Matching pillows on a couch are pretty dull… Here is a couch-pillow slipcover that I made for the Colorado brown loveseats using fun bits of fabrics in my stash.

Brown batiks

In the Colorado Summers, I covered the loveseats with denim slipcovers and made these two cases from my wonderful Asian fabric stash. I hand stitch one end of the cover, so it’s easy enough to rip out the stitches and change the brown covers to the blue ones. (I’m too lazy to sew zippers…)

Asian blue pillows

This Delectable Stars pattern was made using foundation piecing and this is what it looks like when all the paper is (carefully) ripped off. Quite the mess!

Paper piecing detrius

I love to sew triangles, but they are nasty when it comes to pressing. It involves some careful pressing and then a lot of mashing with a steamy iron.

So many triangles

And here it is quilted and in place on the couch! I quilted it way more than I needed to do for just a pillow, but I wanted to be sure to highlight the piecing pattern. And it was good practise for the big Delectable Stars quilt, should I ever finish that one.

Blue pillow


8 thoughts on “Patchwork Couch-Pillows

    • Thank you Paige! I keep trying nad trying to add a comment on your blog but neither WordPress or Google will work. Here’s what I tried to add the other day:
      Pretty fabric colors! I did want to say, though, that the fabrics are hand dyes. Few people get the terms right. It’s easier to say batiks. Batiks have some sort of pattern made by a wax resist. And it can be confusing as some hand dyes look like they have a pattern but it’s just dye drizzled or salt sprinkled on it.


    • Thank you Laura! When you are ready to do some sewing/quilting, I’d be happy to send you some pretty bits. I have a good bit of that basket batik left and it would look fun in the Southwest….


    • Isn’t it just so nasty?!? That is what most people dislike about paper piecing. When it’s very tiny, I use paper that dissolves of if it’s going in a frame, I leave it in. (Don’t tell!) Speaking of pillows, I am debating making some woven pillow covers. Thinking that might be a sales item and -yippee- one doesn’t have to worry about the selvedges!


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